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Small Business Accountancy & Taxation Services 

Small business accountancy and taxation services for individuals, landlords, sole traders and small businesses. Including year end accounts and tax return compliance

Caroline provides an individualised services to help alleviate your financial uncertainty and stress and to ensure you are compliant with your legal responsibilities. With over 15 years experience she has the knowledge and expertise to handle a variety of situations.

Working with an accountant you like is important. Your finances can be daunting enough, without dreading speaking to the person helping you too! We offer a free no obligation consultation to have a chat and see if working with Mona Accountancy Services is right for you.

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Pricing isn't one size fits all and neither is small business accounting. You and your business are unique and our pricing reflects this.

All prices are FROM and this is because we need to talk to you to understand your exact requirements. You don't want to be paying the same as a Limited Company with VAT returns when you are a sole trader with a simple business. 

However, we know that when looking at new products and services, how irritating it is not to have a rough idea on the prices before you make an enquiry. This page is designed to give you an idea on some typical costs.

Most of our fees are priced per month but a years fees is normally payable before any filings are made, which can sometimes result in an alignment fee . If you prefer to pay your fee all at once annually this can also be arranged.

If there is something you would like a more specific price on, please get in touch. We would be more than happy to talk about your specific circumstances and give you a quote based on the information your provide.

Limited Companies

from £85 per month

Limited Companies need to report to both HMRC and Companies House and are also required to supply more information than a sole trader.
We can draw up your year end accounts to comply with the correct regulations and ensure the correct documents are filed including, year end accounts and company tax returns. We would also be able to deal with HMRC on behalf of the company. You will also be able to have queries and questions answered throughout the year (on a fair usage basis).

Sole Trader

from £44 per month

Sole traders have slightly less reporting requirement than a Limited Company.
This is perfect for you if you run a business but need some help with your year end accounts, filing your self assessment and any dealings with HMRC. If you don't want anything other than compliance to ensure that everything that is legally required to be filed is done, or if you want more in depth advice and planning for future growth, we can help. You can also get in touch throughout the year with questions and queries (on a fair usage basis).


from £50 per month

For VAT registered business who would like assistance in completion and filing of your VAT return and ensuring compliance with MTD (making tax digital).

Self Assessment Tax Return

from £255

If you do not require full accounts and only need assistance in completing and submitting your self assessment tax return with the relevant supplementary pages, this may be for you. Ideal for individuals with simple rental income, savings income, dividend income and/or high income child benefit charge (HICBC).

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